Inductive Power Transfer

Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) opens many possibilities to designers requiring mobile electrification systems. IPT is the first large scale contactless power transfer system which has revolutionised the way all kinds of moving machines may be supplied with electrical power. Based on the known principle of electromagnetic induction and developing it further to meet modern industrial needs, Conductix-Wampfler has achieved a technological breakthrough in the field of electrification. 

Inductive Power Transfer IPT-Rail

  • There is no mechanical wear and tear and therefore there is no related maintenance required
  • Large mechanical tolerances and the absence of moving parts do allow to realized highest traveling speeds and easy transfer at switches etc.
  • Having no galvanic contact surfaces allows to use the solution even under critical ambient conditions.
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Inductive Power Transfer IPT-Floor

  • Obstacle free installation, crossable by other vehicles
  • Expensive and unwanted mechanical guidance slots are not longer necessary when iDAT is used
  • No mechanical wear and tear and so no maintenance work related to it.
  • Having no galvanic contact surfaces allows the use even under severe conditions.
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Wireless Charger

  • Convenience - automated intervention-free battery charging that is unobtrusively and fully integrated in urban environments and uses available electrical infrastructure and makes zero-emission realistic today
  • Efficiency – without specific operator skills operable and with reduced onboard battery capacity along with increased battery life time and vehicle efficiency
  • Safety - no plugs to handle means safe operation and charging under all weather conditions. Integrated installation means prevention from any damage from dirt and vandalism
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